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      PRODUCT LICENSING                       

Our products are also available through license agreement.
Inventarium owns the exclusive rights for the already fully granted PCT patents in 11 countries, with Patent pending stage in 31 countries.
Our Patents cover not only the weapon concept and the new trigger mechanism, "Rotating Percussion System", as well a revolutionary fully automatic green Laser Sight called: "Progressive Impact Area Indicator Laser Sight", or just "Shootshell Laser Sight"; also a secondary defense system called Reload Defense Weapon System", a secondary defense system for the critical period when the ammunition runs out and the firearm is open and is being reloaded, as well as other innovations.

The first 4-barrel BIGGUN model is ready to be industrially developed as well as adapted to each market segment, to each specific legal framework in different countries, for Law Enforcement use, Army use, Special Forces, for household defense and Sports, being just one example of the different 18 models projected.
Each industrial, manufacturing or assembly partner has the freedom to develop their own final designs.
Another important feature is the simple design of the parts and mechanisms which constitute the BIGGUN, thus making it a reliable and relatively economical weapon with low production costs.

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