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BIGGUN                   Description         Features         Tech Specs         Ammunitions         Accessories

38 Special Calibre or other.
4 Barrels and 4 Chambers.
Magazine capacity: up to 8 rounds.
Single and Double Action trigger system.
Length: 459mm/18.1'' or customer choice.
Barrels Length: +-292mm/11.5'' or customer choice.
Outside Barrel Diameter: 44mm/1.6''.
Weight: 980 Grams.
2 x 1.5V AAA batteries.
Shootshell Ammunition.
Exclusive Ammo: Shoot&Fall, Rubber, Solid Foam, Ceramic, Blank, Training and Red Pepper Ammo.
RDWS System Tm - Optional.
Full Automatic ShootShell Laser Sight Tm.
Incorporated Tactical Light.

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